Application Services

Our Application Engineering and Development team works with clients to design, build and deploy solutions that solve complicated business problems.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Functional Design
  • Software Component Selection

We have an end to end experience in Application Engineering

The application engineering and product development team works with large corporate clients to design, build and deploy solutions that solve complicated business problems. We offer:

  • Detailed Functional Design – we define and document the functional requirements for a new solution in a format that forms the basis for package selection bespoke engineering and integration activities.

Software Component Selection

Building from functional design, we shortlist and select commercial and open source products and components that will form the basis of the solution


Proof of Concept Development

To ensure that a proposed technical architecture will meet both functional and non-functional requirements requires proof of concept. We work with the client’s technical team to design and execute a POC

Solution Strategy and Implementation

Large-scale integration projects can go over budget and time. ThoughtFocus defines a solution strategy which manages risk and delivers within time and budget.


Data Integration Strategy and Implementation

Data is a critical component of successful solution implementations. We help define data architecture and execute a data strategy that effectively supports the implementation.

Quality Assurance

We define test strategy, design a testing infrastructure, and execute a QA cycle to stabilize and certify the application


User Acceptance Testing

We work with the core user community to verify business functionality

Application Management

Cost savings can often be realized by moving to a managed applications approach. We employ a formal transition process which aims to replicate in-house capabilities.

The key to the transition process is to allow the offshore support team to ramp up on application expertise without affection current operations

It’s also ideal to transition dev-ops and release management to the support operation to facilitate seamless interaction between development and production

An important goal for this process is to reduce overall management cost while improving risk control.

Product Engineering

ThoughtFocus has been working with product companies since its inception and has adopted product engineering principles across all its engagements.

These principles include:

  • Prototyping
  • Core Engineering
  • Test Engineering
  • Legacy Maintenance
  • Development Operations
  • Certification and Compliance

User Experience

Expert teams on QT to deliver great user experience for the OEM product lines


IoT Implementations

We bring the capability to deploy end to end IoT implementations for OEMs or packaged solutions for industries and enterprise IoT


Prototyping and Simulation

Good networking and accessibility to proto houses for building sample boards, certification and simulation labs

Embedded Engineering

Hardware, Firmware, and Electronics Lifecycle experts at ThoughtFocus help you in all phases of electronics projects to create next-generation smart devices


Extremely efficient in TI, Microchip, Freescale controllers and processor-based circuit design


Experts in RTOS based firmware, Controller based firmware, Bare metal coding, Embedded Linux and Device

Quality Engineering / Test Automation

Quality engineering is an integral part of any software development process. Our test engineering team works with you on a comprehensive software stabilization approach including test automation, golden data set creation, and complex test framework design and implementation.

  • Customized enablement
  • Right blend of functional and domain expertise
  • Elastic team proposition
  • Focus on Continuous learning and development
  • Proven process and methodologies
  • Industry Best Practices e.g. ISO
  • Processes enabled/supported via Targeted Tools
  • Synergy across stakeholders
  • Reduce cost of quality and shorter test cycles
  • Broader and faster quality coverage
  • Future ready
  • Return on investment for a client
  • Quality guardianship and commitment
  • Informed and structured demand management
  • Data driven service measurement

Data Management

ThoughtFocus has a dedicated practice for Data Management to solve your data problems.

We develop and implement data centrally, maintain data quality, master data management, data integration services, DW/BI Services, and perform analytics.


We provide our clients with an elevated user experience design across both web and a range of devices.

Our teams and partners specialize in specific industries or areas of design strategy and execution giving your clients the user experience they want.

Implementation Services

We provide implementation services to a wide variety of industry clients to deploy commercial software packages from all major software vendors.

ThoughtFocus is internally organized into Technology Centers of Excellence (CoE), including PeopleSoft and SAP COEs focused on solution development, process improvement, and development of methodologies for various services.

Our blend of experience, skill, and bandwidth is well suited to the diverse needs and requirements of our clients.