Solutions and Accelerators

1. Payments solutions

2. Chatbot – YANA

  • YANA is a voice and text-based chatbot tool which acts as a personal assistant.
  • It’s available 24/7 with immediate and consistent answers to several common questions.
  • YANA leverages the power of IBM Watson with natural language in a casual conversational style.

Researchers predict by 2020, that 85% of customer service will be done without another human. Chatbots are driven by AI and grow and improve with interaction. YANA is currently helping higher education organizations increase graduation, retention, and engagement rates while helping students address the challenges of campus life.

For more on how YANA is working in colleges and universities, click here

3. ThoughtBlocks for IoT

ThoughtBlocks is aimed at building smart edge nodes for rapid IoT enablement. Built on a 32-bit microcontroller platform, ThoughtBlocks comes built-in with many network drivers for data communication and provisions industry standard shield allowing various types of I/O interfaces that can be customized for a specific application.

The shield form factor supports Arduino shields and hence extending the interface options further. There are two generations of ThoughtBlocks available now to suit various I/O and sensing needs.

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