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Why clients like Ryerson, a major distributor of industrial metals, choose ThoughtFocus

SAP – The future of ERP

ERP is changing rapidly. The traditional on-premise ERP model which comprised the majority of deployments through the 2000s is now giving way to cloud delivery.

Today’s dominant operating model for ERP is a hybrid model where many components of functionality are delivered as cloud services alongside services maintained on-premises.

In the future, as cloud functionality matures, organizations are expected to move aggressively to the cloud with commodity best-practice business processes and differentiating functionality delivered as cloud services.

Gartner refers to this dynamic as “postmodern ERP” and its evolution is driven by several factors that include:

  • Increasing digital business demands for agility and scalability across the enterprise,
  • Increased interest in innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and artificial intelligence (AI),
  • A move away from static job roles that align neatly with ERP functionality and
  • A diverse product landscape

ThoughtFocus an SAP strategic partner

ThoughtFocus has established a strategic partnership with SAP and we are well positioned to assist your organization in its transformation journey.

SAP S/4HANA can help your organization drive immediate value across all lines of business. SAP’s innovative HANA technology enables data-driven decisions with predictive analytics, improved automation, efficiency, and agility through machine learning -all in real time through in-memory computing.

Why ThoughtFocus?

ThoughtFocus is unique in the way we partner with clients throughout journey in deploying SAP S/4HANA. We take an integrated approach combining consulting and delivery capabilities in a way that’s unmatched by larger providers.

With ThoughtFocus, you get the “A” team every step of the way. Our project executives bring operating experience and insights with the ability to identify potential challenges impacting your upgrade or migration.

Tools from leading partners are used with our own methodologies to uncover technical issues that have the potential to derail projects. Together, our personnel and tools help to de-risk your SAP project. We believe this sets us apart from other services providers and creates greater value for our clients