IoT & Embedded Engineering


IoT and Embedded Engineering services enable manufacturers to reduce operating costs, create new customer experiences and develop new “smart” products that drive revenue growth.

What We Do

Our services span the technology stack from consulting, custom applications and widgets, to IoT platforms, communication gateways, and embedded systems. These integrated capabilities help our clients achieve their IoT goals by limiting technology and integration risks.

We use a technology agnostic approach that enables us to create a clear solution roadmap and IoT architecture. Our experienced developers and engineers help close client skills gaps typically associated with IoT and Embedded Engineering projects. You can be confident that your IoT investments will deliver immediate and longer-term ROI.

IoT Solutions

  • Business advisory services
  • Applications/widgets and services
  • IoT platforms
  • Networks and communications
  • Devices
  • Security for applications, gateways and devices
  • Prototyping and simulations
  • Product development
  • Industry KPI measurement & analytics
  • User Interfaces and User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Firmware security

Prashanth Sharma

Vice President Manufacturing

Making IoT data relevant at the right time is critical for success. Learn how manufacturers can get started with IoT using an approach that’s simple and cost effective.

IoT and Embedded Engineering

Our IoT and Embedded Engineering services enable manufacturers to optimize their existing systems and drive innovation. We work with industry-leading companies to deliver ROI on IoT projects, from automated processes to new products.

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