Managed Services

1. Centers of Excellence (COE):

2. Hybrid Captive Services: Approach Strategy

Build (Plan)

Estimated: 3 to 4 weeks

  • Set up the captive centers with client oversight
  • Analyze, agree People, Process & Tech needs
  • Define and agree on org. structure, people planning
  • Facility planning & financials
  • Define, agree, implement service framework strategy
  • Assess, plan, build IT infrastructure needs

Setup (Transition)

Estimated: 5 to 6 weeks

  • Source resources, onboard people, training schedule,
  • Agree on to-be processes and governance methodology
  • Install, configure, secure, manage the network, remote access, systems.

Manage (Production)


  • Commence production service operations as per shift schedules
  • Review reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

3. COE – Payments

EMV certifications pose an ongoing challenge as they are a critical requirement for payments processing yet take up a lot of an organization’s bandwidth.

We can set up Payments Center of Excellence to deliver a set number of certifications for a fixed cost.

Talk to us today about how you can manage your costs, resources, and increase your payments efficiency

4. COE – Fund Administration

ThoughtFocus efficiently manages back-office and middle-office Fund Administration services for leading private equity companies.

From shadow accounting to corporate finance, your organizational needs can be covered by your COE.

We have a proven history of experience and domain expertise in Financial Services, which we leverage to give you a competitive advantage.

5. COE – Infrastructure

We will create your COE to provide infrastructure services, including help desk, network management, and systems management.

We extend your team’s capabilities with a comparable skill level and better value.

6. COE – Automation

Through a COE and as a part of our Intelligent Automation services, we bring these technologies to your organization to optimize efficiency and manage your costs.


ThoughtFocus specializes in working with clients to move existing processes to a managed service, achieving improved accuracy and reduced costs.

ThoughtFocus provides business process management and engineering support to a wide range of financial services clients

Risk Governance

  • Risk Assessment
  • Financial Analysis
  • Reporting And Auditing
  • Vendor Reconciliation
  • Credit and Loan Controls
  • Compliance

Financial Accounting

  • Reconciliation Services
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Assets Accounting
  • Accounts Payables

Tax Services

  • Tax Preparations
  • Credit & Benefits Research
  • Tax Verifications
  • Income Tax Accounting Back Office

Order to Cash

  • Order Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Payable Processing

8. Application Management Services

  • Cost savings can often be realized by moving to a managed applications approach. We employ a formal transition process which aims to replicate in-house capabilities.
  • The key to the transition process is to allow the offshore support team to ramp up on application expertise without affection current operations.
  • It is also ideal to transition dev-ops and release management to the support operation to facilitate seamless interaction between development and production.
  • An important goal for this process is to reduce overall management cost while improving risk control.

9. Cloud Managed Services

Service Offerings

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Perform readiness assessment and developing a business case
  • Cloud Integration Roadmap: Define strategy to implementation roadmap, including portfolio optimization
  • Cloud Integration Implementation: Define and develop integration solution architecture, and provide end to end implementation services