Bangalore, India
  • Bangalore attracts IT talent from all over India and southeast Asia and is a significant centre for innovation within the India technology community.
  • Bangalore is also a major hub for the Indian aviation industry
  • ThoughtFocus’ Bangalore offices are in a large technology park shared with IBM, Ariba and other major technology firms
  • As part of the IT park, our offices leverage state of the art infrastructure including connectivity, power, security, etc. and leverage multiple layers of redundancy to protect against outages
  • The ThoughtFocus innovation lab in Bangalore has received numerous awards


Mysore, India
  • Mysore is a city in southern India that offers a lower cost of living and a large pool of talented resources, suited to support business process management needs
  • Mysore is approximately one hundred miles from Bangalore and provides a stable workforce at lower salary levels
  • The workforce in Mysore is more willing to take on business process based work than in other cities, leading to lower turnover of staff
  • Real estate and other operating costs are also more reasonable as compared to tier-1 cities within India
  • ThoughtFocus’ office in Mysore is one of its fastest growing facilities, providing both general BPO services and as the centre for several hybrid captive centres for our clients


Gurgaon, India
  • ThoughtFocus expanded into Gurgaon to tap the rich talent pool available in northern India and the availability of flights to international destinations
  • Gurgaon is the largest BPO and technology hub in northern India and over 250 Fortune 500 companies operate large outsourced and captives centres here
  • Being part of the National Capital Region (NCR), Gurgaon has excellent infrastructure and government support
  • From the Gurgaon office, ThoughtFocus services key financial services clients and provides both technology and business process management capability
  • ThoughtFocus Gurgaon is housed in one of top commercial buildings in Gurgaon (DLF tower 8) which is 20 minutes away from the Delhi International airport and has a direct Metro (rail) link for ease of commuting


Baguio, Phillippines
  • Due to its historical American influence, the Philippines is a top location for voice-based business process management and supports ThoughtFocus’ clients who require services during US working hours
  • Baguio provides access to an experienced workforce and a corporative government
  • There are eight colleges and universities that attract people from a wide geographic region both inside and outside the Philippines
  • Unlike other locations in the Philippines, Baguio is less exposed to natural disasters
  • ThoughtFocus has its offices in the city center in a state of the art facility
  • From this location, we primarily service voice-based business process outsourcing services but also support certain data functions and IT
  • The center also helps services some of the payment card services we offer to banks in southeast Asia


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