Engagement Models

1. Capacity

In a capacity model, the client contracts with ThoughtFocus for a defined set of resources billed as per an agreed upon rate card. There are typically minimum resource commitments in these types of contracts. Burst needs are handled via onboarding additional resources for an agreed upon time

2. Transaction Based

In a transaction-based model, the client pays for documents processed (or an equivalent transactional concept). The infrastructure used to run the process can either be managed by the client or by ThoughtFocus depending on the specific situation.

In the case of a ThoughtFocus managed infrastructure, we also provide the necessary technical resources. In most transaction based contractual structures, there are agreed upon minimum volumes and scaled SLAs based on the types of documents and corresponding volumes

3. Hybrid Captive

The hybrid captive model is a structure in which a ThoughtFocus manages a defined set of dual-badged resources under a cost-plus contractual structure.

This type of structure gives the client the most flexibility to implement an outsourcing model that is completely aligned with their business. You decide on the level of control and input you want.

In most cases, our hybrid captives also draw on a common shared services infrastructure within ThoughtFocus (e.g. recruiting, human resources, etc.)

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