Engagement Models


Our engagement models enable clients to lower operating costs without sacrificing quality,  or expand operations without adding full-time staff.  We establish an in-house capability for your specific programs with a cost-effective economic model, giving you greater transparency and control

Our Engagement Models

ThoughtFocus provides a wide variety of options to maximize flexibility and meet organizational objectives tailored to customer needs and corporate culture.  Engagement and delivery models are designed to meet client goals for technology, offshoring, control, and risk management.

Client Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

  • Purpose Built COE
  • Technical COE
  • Business Process COE


  • Work for hire, contract SW development

Framework-based Turnkey Solutions

  • ThoughtFocus Products & Frameworks
  • Licensing and annual support

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Hosted and managed custom-built, private labeled solutions
  • Facilitated PCI level 1 audits

Hybrid Captive Center (HCC)

  • Ideal model for dedicated COE
  • Operational team set up as an extension of customer’s team

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