YANA Helps Campus Departments

Several points of service and a high volume of inquiries

Academic, Financial Aid, IT, Housing and Student Affairs are a few of the many areas School Administration services.

YANA handles large volume inquiries quickly and efficiently. Imagine the vast increase in customer satisfaction with YANA’s rapid response rate

Student Success (Retention and Graduation rates)

Can be a challenge as schools seek to increase four and six-year graduation rates. This can increase the value of your school and attracts a larger quantity of better candidates.

  • YANA helps avoid the pitfalls which lead to dropouts. Staff can better cope with serious student situations.
  • Improving student campus experience and engagement also helps retention

Several Sources of Information to Navigate

Getting information can be a complex and time consuming process. Many schools want users to be aware of, and to access information when and where they need it.

YANA simplifies how users get information. It integrates easily with existing systems and becomes a sole source. Talk to or text YANA and you’ll be answered in speech or text.

How We Implement YANA:

Three expansion releases are done over a few months, where we provide.

  • 1st release: generic information available mostly in public domain
  • 2nd release: student specific information and
  • 3rd release: student specific information along with deeper insights.

User group: begin with 1500 and increased to your maximum number

We work with specific user groups to build capability. The platform is delivered on Android and iOS platforms with focus on security and delivering the levels in the attached graphic