How YANA helps Advising

Too many students per advisor

Long waits for appointments, heavy caseloads. Many students can’t access an advisor when they need one

YANA handles large volume inquiries quickly and efficiently. Whether its academic advising, financial aid, or career counselling YANA has the answers, 24/7. Imagine the increase in customer satisfaction!

Advisors overwhelmed with routine inquiries

Can be a challenge as schools seek to increase four and six year graduation rates. Better rates increase the value of your school and attracts a larger quantity of better candidates.

YANA handles large volume inquiries quickly and efficiently. Imagine the vast increase in customer satisfaction with YANA’s rapid response rate

Inadequate/Inconsistent training of advisory staff

Not all advisors are at the same level of training or expertise. Inconsistent and even inaccurate answers can cause unnecessary delays and have consequences.

YANA gives consistently accurate answers and advice via speech or text.

Difficult to navigate complex support structures

Several sources of information, multiple layers to search. Frustrating and time-consuming for the user. Do they even know what resources are available?

YANA simplifies complexity, makes useful recommendations and integrates easily  with your current systems. YANA facilitates easy access to data by Text/Speech interface by integrating with right campus data source. A single point of access. Easy!

Delays tracking student progress and evaluating transcripts and graduation requests

Bottleneck courses, wrangling GPA’s and credits mainly manually.

YANA’s Artificial Intelligence software can flag student issues early and help advisors to prevent/solve them. Think of YANA as an Early Alert system which can help meet your graduation initiatives!