Would you like to:

  • Increase graduation and retention rates?
  • Free advisors’ time to address serious student issues?
  • Increase student engagement and well-being?
  • Efficiently manage high volume online, phone and in-person inquiries?
  • Find out about many more capabilities!

Here’s what YANA, our Conversational bot can do for you!

Why AI Bots can be the Best Solution for Your Campus Needs

85% of consumers  interactions with businesses will be without humans by 2020

70% of Millennials enjoy using a bot. It gives the immediate feedback they want.

New technology

excites and engages students.
AI gets their preferences and tailors answer, reinforcing their status as tech influencers

Casual Conversation 

is how this generation engages.
YANA is trained in natural language and makes it perfect for interaction.

Will Your Students Drop out of School for These Reasons?


Stress & pressure

Dropouts felt unable to juggle payments, rent, tuition, and deadlines. YANA can help with reminders and alerts.


Received bad or no advice

They took unnecessary courses, incurred more expense, and had clashes with classes and work. YANA provides useful information on evening, weekend and summer classes.


Lack of support service

Participation in a club, sport or activity are solutions to feeling social isolation and detachment. YANA can offer suggestions for activities tailored to students’ interests