Business Intelligence and Analytics

Higher Education institutions face challenges in student success, expense control and recruiting.  We offer a comprehensive suite of analytic capabilities to address these challenges and help you “run the business”.

Low graduation rates

Low graduation rates create delays entering workforce increase student loan expense and other costs. Student Information / Student Success Analytics help institutions identify at-risk students and develop effective and repeatable interventions.

Declining enrollments

Declining enrollment, expected for years to come, is creating intense competition for students.  Colleges need to target prospects more effectively.  CRM / Recruitment Analytics enable institutions to identify attractive prospects and create campaigns to reach those students more likely to enroll and be successful.

Increasing operating costs

Increasing operating costs are at the heart of college affordability issues.  This topic has become a hot button issue, politically and economically.  HR & Financial Analytics help institutions run their business operations and workforces more efficiently to address key operating challenges.

Our analytics solution portfolio is built on technologies from leading providers and includes our own product, YANA, an AI driven chatbot product that enables student success.

We take a technology agnostic approach to leverage your prior infrastructure investments. Our SaaS delivery model provides a cost effective option for “insights as a service”

Last, we maintain partner relationships with leading vendors and can draw upon the collective expertise from joint projects to solve your institution’s unique challenges.

Impact Student Success

Learn more about putting student success analytics into action.  Our case study describes how a large university system applies analytics to identify problem areas. 

Armed with insights on KPIs, administrators, and faculty can take corrective actions impacting student performance, retention and graduation rates.

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