ThoughtFocus assists Higher Education and Non-profit accrediting organizations in improving their accrediting systems and processes. Our technology and services are used to modernize your system and deliver greater value to your organization and accredited institutions.

Why choose Accredio?

ThoughtFocus brings you Accredio which is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software product that enables accrediting organizations to automate their end-to-end accreditation processes and add new capabilities for improved reporting. It can help in transforming your accrediting organization workflows for better team scheduling and more user-friendly interfaces. You can achieve all this with minimal disruption to your existing process. Using a modular approach that gives you the flexibility to upgrade or replace components of your current system.

With Accredio, you can reduce your organization’s operating costs significantly, while giving your users an enhanced experience. This system not only offers features like Document ManagementQuestionnaire ManagementProcess ManagementOrganization/ People managementCompliance Management etc. but also can be integrated with many commercial & third-party software products including, but not limited to, content management systems and email solutions.

Most accreditation systems were originally built from documents and spreadsheets and lack the functionality required for today’s accreditation professionals.



Our modular approach to accreditation system and process updates delivers clients significant benefits, with one client achieving cost savings of 30% within a year of its upgrade.

Benefits of Accredio:

  • Automated workflow to manage complex tasks
  • Streamlined process with reduction of 3rd party systems and hand-offs
  • Reduced operating costs and software licensing fees
  • Greater visibility to the process and improved user experience
  • New insights from data with analytics and reporting
  • Investments in legacy systems optimized to reduce capital costs

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