Digital Transformation


For the first time in history, people are using messaging platforms more than they use social media. Our unique chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence, powered by IBM Watson, with a natural language interface and offers text and talk options.

Growing demographic segments prefer self service and enjoy cutting edge technology. Chatbots are becoming an integral part of service. Find out how our experts can customize.


We provide end-to-end services in IoT from services related to Enterprise IoT (supply chain, WCM/quality management, predictive maintenance, asset monitoring) to OEM services electronics and firmware design and management).

We also own proprietary package solutions to help you with your IOT strategy and implementation.

Types of Services

Intelligent Automation

Automation is no longer a choice but a necessity. It is the driving force in optimizing costs and increasing operational efficiency. If you’re moving from writing automation scripts to RPA to Machine learning and AI we will help you through this journey.

We have developed and deployed our AccueBot portfolio that enables workflow optimization for processes related to mortgage origination and servicing. Other AccueBot “bots” have been deployed for mortgage title insurance processing.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI)

We work with clients to develop end-to-end strategies to transform data into information for better decision making.

We have developed proprietary tools and chatbot application frameworks that apply AI and Natural Language Processing to address wide variety of call center issues.

We also work with partners to provide and expanded use case portfolio across industry processes.


Done correctly, Analytics is a powerful tool for current and predictive decision-making. We have developed analytics solutions that can simulate and extrapolate scenarios, and build models. Examples include:

  • DW/BI (Data Warehouse Business Intelligence)
  • Social Media Analytics

Big Data

The Big Data technology landscape is getting wider and deeper every day. Our architects work with your technology teams, sort through the complex technical landscape for data analytics, standardize a set of tools, and align with your business strategy.

From tried and true database platforms to the latest startups in predictive analytics, we can help you navigate the complex, and define a data analytics platform that will support your business goals.

Mobility Services

With the rapid adoption of mobile platforms, supporting end customers and employees via mobile and tablet-based solutions is now essential. ThoughtFocus helps define, develop and deploy Apple iOS, Android, and HTML5 based solutions to drive material productive gains within the enterprise.

Cloud Services

We help organizations establish Cloud implementation strategies, providing recommendations for design, and developing/deploying Cloud-based and hybrid solutions

Service Offerings

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Perform readiness assessment and developing a business case
  • Cloud Integration Roadmap: Define strategy to implementation roadmap, including portfolio optimization
  • Cloud Integration Implementation: Define and develop integration solution architecture, and provide end to end implementation services