The stay-in-place required by the government observed across the country has created a new normal in the way we live.  Education is the core fabric in building our country’s future. With this critical role, Universities are facing unprecedented challenges.

With situations changing every day, there needs to be a channel for the universities to engage with students, faculty, and staff for the latest updates. Many non-resident student communities are out of the campus dorms and with a continued stay-in-place they are in tremendous stress. Limited counseling options are making it hard for the advising community. Without in-person interactions, Universities will have the challenge to connect to the student community. With newer systems in place and a newer cohort coming into the college, there will be more and more questions. Class instructions are moved online thus measuring learning effectiveness will also be challenging. With summer sessions coming up, there is a big scare of another melt, maybe COVID MELT this time!

YANA understands these challenges and possesses the capabilities to address such key issues. YANA – ’You Are Not Alone’ is an AI-based conversational chatbot for Higher Education. It’s a unique virtual assistant, designed specifically to manage many education-related crisis facing Universities & students, at the times of COVID-19 & beyond.

  • YANA’s COVID-19 Assistant is a prebuilt knowledge model that can be quickly customized to your campus needs to help answer the many questions from students, faculty, and staff. It offers students 24/7 access to information and has the ability to assess the user psych based on the conversations.
  • YANA’s Process Assistant is a self-service process automation agent which can enable most common activities, like form submission, reset the password, add class, drop class, through a single window.
  • YANA’s Learning Assistant aids students with intermittent knowledge checks and helps faculty measure the learning effectiveness. It understands the student’s class or course objectives and brings syndicated learning content customized to the user’s current needs.

We are in this together and here to help you. With YANA’s competence to handle challenges, you can achieve better student success, administrative productivity & overall growth for your institution.