Product Delivery

Aerospace & Defense

What We Do

Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Development and Support – from concept to aftermarket

ThoughtFocus’ aerospace division provides complete airframe and engine product lifecycle engineering, development, support, repair, and replacement services, including:

Product Engineering & Design – concept and design development, validation, analysis, and certification:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Systems

   Our Engineering and Technology Services

Manufacturing Production

Complete production management and support of new and replacement/reverse engineered products:

  • Product design analysis and validation
  • Manufacturing engineering support
  • Work plans development
  • Tooling design for a new production
  • 1st Article inspection for original-new and new-replacement parts
  • Production capacity analysis
  • Production floor management and support
  • Test fixtures, quality test, and inspection
  • Continuing compliance and certification

Supply Chain Support

Improves warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution through greater efficiencies and cost awareness:

  • Process Design – SCOR Model
  • Supply management and asset value protection
  • Vendor sourcing and supplier management
  • Bid preparation and analysis
  • Supplier quality certification and compliance
  • Procurement planning and operations
  • Fulfillment workflow analysis and support
  • Delivery analysis and assurance
  • Trade Compliance – HTS classification, export license management

Aftermarket Parts Repair, Replacement, Qualification, Warehousing & Supply

Aftermarket Parts Repair, Replacement, Qualification, Warehousing & Supply – targets vital aftersales customer support, parts lifecycle management, and asset value optimization:

  • Service Life Cycle Management- MSG-3, reliability
  • Technical publication and documentation management
  • Warranty management
  • MRO/Repair service operations overhaul and support
  • Repair management
  • Service parts & distribution planning
  • Inventory warehousing and fulfillment
  • Call center, tech support, and customer care services
  • STC certifications
  • Teardown and parts harvesting, management and sales
  • Aftermarket PMA/DER Repair

Technology and Talent Sourcing

Technology and Talent Sourcing – working for, with and on behalf of our customers:

  • Technical staffing lead management
  • Talent recruiting
  • New hire vetting
  • Professional support staffing; on-shore and off-shore, all engineering disciplines
  • Contract employee sourcing and management

Our Approach

ThoughtFocus supports you from the design and manufacture of parts to the installation process:

  • Program and account management
  • Ongoing process analysis and refinement
  • Technical staffing support in all aviation engineering disciplines

We cover avionics, aircraft structures, power plant and electrical/electronic systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, interior and inflight entertainment design. We offer complete, nose-to-tail product engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, certification and delivery, including:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Reverse engineering
  • Software development/testing/verification/certification
  • Hardware design
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • GUI prototyping, modelling, simulation, testing and verification
  • Manufacturing

Our sophisticated engineering capabilities and tools include:

  • Computational dynamics
  • Detailed analyses: statistical, thermal, structural, frequency, finite elements
  • Drawings and blueprinting
  • Industrial engineering time studies
  • Value stream mapping
  • Manufacturing layout and design
  • 3D modeling and printing of mechanical components
  • Serialized parts planning
  • Broad-based simulation capabilities

Innovative Solutions for Inspection and Manufacturing

Unique, globally available 1st Article, and production-run inspection capability, featuring Computer-Aided Inspection and Smart Inspection StationTM 3D Scanning from Level 3 Inspection:

  • 1st Article Inspection for new and used/refurbished parts
  • In-line production run inspection for ongoing manufacturing QA
  • High-accuracy 3D Scanning for modeling and 3D printing

Expert Technical Publication and Documentation Services

Expert Technical Publication and Documentation Services, produced and delivered worldwide via a joint initiative with Althom Gbmh, offers a rapid-response, affordable, offshore alternative for regulatory and mission compliant documentation, such as:

  • Maintenance and repair manuals
  • Flight and cabin crew operator manuals
  • Aircraft schematics and wiring diagrams/manuals
  • Illustrated parts documents, manuals, and catalogs