Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Aerospace & Defense

 Business Reinforced, Re-imagined, Revitalized

If resource constraints stand in the way of necessary change, we can help your enterprise with a range of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services and support to benefit your company.

We can boost analytical and technical capabilities, transform processes, harness and automate transactional data, and reduce complexity to drive success.

Strengthening the Core of Your Business through KPO

KPO services are specialized and knowledge-based. They rely on highly trained human talent with unique skill sets and advanced technologies. This reduces costs and transforms and improves the process of doing business.  KPO solutions represent an investment in a company’s overall intellectual capability.

Value Creation through ThoughtFocus KPO

Based on a deep understanding of aircraft, regulatory requirements, and procedural demands, ThoughtFocus provides people, processes, and systems that change how business compete.

Our team learns your business from the ground up, allowing you to outsource key technology functions and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. We capture data and develop analytics to drive change, using advanced technologies such as bots-digital assistants that automate processes and sustain process improvement.

ThoughtFocus KPO solutions are focused on critical performance areas at the core of the enterprise:

  • Engineering and product design
  • Digital transformation strategies
  • New technology implementation
  • IoT solutions and cloud computing
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehouse/distribution logistics
  • Advanced product development
  • Manufacturing production and automation
  • Quality and test
  • Marketing, sales and eCommerce

The ThoughtFocus Advantage

  • Aerospace & Defence experience
  • A broad spectrum of integrated support services
  • Global footprint and round-the-clock availability
  • Advanced analytical and technical skills
  • A high degree of specialist expertise
  • Advanced cloud platform and IT systems design
  • Automated diagnostics, predictive analytics
  • Innovative digital technologies for self-learning, artificial intelligence, automation and hyper-connectivity

Our KPO Offerings

 1. Strategic Planning & Customer Development

  • Call center solutions
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer questionnaires
  • Business surveys
  • Market studies
  • Fleet forecast and analysis

 2. Aircraft Transition Management

  • Aircraft and engine re-marketing
  • Component validation and documentation
  • Engine management
  • Lease management
  • Aircraft pre-purchase inspection
  • Records scanning, digitization, and management
  • Technical counsel and advisory
  • Airline maintenance audits
  • Aviation risk assessment

 3. Supply Chain Logistics

  • Process Design – SCOR Model
  • Supply management and asset value protection
  • Vendor sourcing and supplier management
  • Bid preparation and analysis
  • Supplier quality certification and compliance
  • Procurement planning and operations
  • Fulfillment workflow analysis and support
  • Delivery analysis and assurance
  • Warehousing (receiving/shipping/re-stocking)
  • J-I-T distribution logistics
  • Inventory control
  • Labor assignment

 4. International Trading Compliance

  • HTS classification
  • Export license management

 5. Manufacturing Production

  • Lean manufacturing implementation
  • Product design analysis and validation
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Work plans development
  • Tooling design for new production
  • 1st Article inspection for original-new and new-replacement parts
  • Production capacity analysis and optimization
  • Production floor management and support
  • Test fixtures, quality test and inspection
  • Continuing compliance and certification
  • Product engineering design and development
  • Visual controls
  • Quality management
  • 3D inspection and printing
  • Video monitoring
  • Assembly kit scheduling and flow

 6. Aftermarket

  • Create, monitor and manage flight hours and flight cycle programs
  • Phase-based service lifecycle monitoring, and advanced service forecasting
  • Track serialized production for warranty, recalls, compliance, traceability and pedigree purposes
  • Teardown and used materials management; prepare parts for entry into service
  • TAKT time performance enhancement
  • Customer parts portals for management, traceability
  • Parts genealogy — document failures and repair steps
  • Used equipment integration
  • Service lifecycle management- MSG-3, reliability
  • Technical publication and documentation management
  • Warranty management
  • MRO/Repair service operations overhaul and support
  • Repair management
  • Service parts & distribution planning
  • Inventory warehousing and fulfillment
  • Call center, tech support and customer care services
  • STC certifications
  • Teardown and parts harvesting, management and sales
  • Aftermarket PMA/DER repair