Digital Transformation

Aerospace & Defense

 Adjust, Adapt, Evolve, Succeed

In the face of rapid advances, market consolidation, competitive threats, growing customer demands, new market opportunities, capital requirements changes and more, aerospace businesses must transform or be left behind.

ThoughtFocus propels change throughout the aerospace enterprise. We re-engineer processes, empower people, expand enterprise knowledge and institute new systems that help clients develop winning products and services, to satisfy customers and drive profits.

Capturing and managing end-to-end process flow

A 360-degree, real-time digital solution aligning product/service development, manufacturing, QA, marketing, sales, ERP and CRM in a unified approach to solution creation and delivery.

  • Synchronize enterprise functions
  • Provide value-added context to decision-making
  • Harmonize the customer experience across functional lines
  • Integrate efforts into a single, networked, operations backbone

Domain Area Expertise from Product Planning through Recycling

  • OEM
  • Aftermarket OEM
  • MRO- Heavy
  • MRO- Engines
  • MRO- Components
  • Parts Distributions
  • Assets Management

Apply Business Enterprise Intelligence

ThoughtFocus’ total solution approach stems from deep experience in aviation and aerospace product and service delivery. We promote new ways of thinking and working that automate functions, increase productivity and quality, save money and get a faster go to market.

Consult > Guide > Execute

ThoughtFocus delivers tailored solutions to replace silos with easily integrated, intelligence-driven approaches that optimize the overall functionality of the enterprise.

Creating Unparalleled Business Value

The business transformation eco-sphere incorporates all elements of the enterprise. This elevates the organization bogged down by “business as usual” into an agile entity that is robust and resilient. The result is an intelligent, visually managed, connected enterprise adaptive to changing requirements and environments.

The Transformation Journey

  • Align strategy with business goals
  • Assess and prioritize opportunities
  • Establish the business case and ROI for the initiative
  • Codify steps to Lean Transformation
  • Time to delivery and budget benefits


We provide strategy, planning, development and implementation services to create and sustain the evolution of your business.

Lean Transformation

Optimizing People, Processes, and Systems

We leverage business intelligence to capture all transactions and automate change. This provides visual controls and actionable information that enable real-time adjustments to events and incidents which impact the downstream elements of the process flow.

Autonomics empower enterprise business leaders and associates with visibility and transparency to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our Transformation Services Span Strategy, Development, and Deployment Consulting

Advanced Business Transformation – Delivering the Full Promise

ThoughtFocus employs a variety of efficiency technologies to transform our customers’ businesses, based on our experience in embedded applications and business/machines control systems.  This fusion of technologies helps capture and process information on the environment, people and machines. It assesses status, location, actions and exceptions to empower smart systems that inform, alert, coordinate and connect all process stakeholders. This ensures delivery of the right thing, when and where it is needed.

Specializing in SAP S/4HANA – Run Simple, Run Smart

Enhanced data management, analytics, app development and more accelerates innovation

Digital Core SAP S/4HANA

Whether you employ legacy systems, migrating to HANA or deploying a new ERP platform, we provide the S/4HANA support and custom solutions that integrate equipment and product data to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and increase revenue.


We support Aviation and Aerospace with advanced engineering design, manufacturing and compliance testing of new and upgraded parts.  For product line expansion, new market initiatives, and better, more cost-effective business process management. 

Valued Business Partner

  • ThoughtFocus assists partners in lowering costs, scaling growth and improving time to market.
  • We work as an integral part of our clients’ solutions delivery team ensuring complete transparency and tight alignment between teams and executive priorities.
  • We know aviation and aerospace manufacturing, design, testing and IT from OEMs to aftermarket service providers. We continually advancing our experience and industry-leading methods, investing in personnel and tools, and creating innovative solutions to supply chain challenges.
  • Our expertise in re-engineering processes and implementing strategic enterprise solutions has helped our business partners optimize logistics cycles, establish manufacturing and supply chain networks, overhaul existing systems and approaches, and achieve significant cost savings.