About Us

ThoughtFocus is a privately held company, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We lead transformation in business with technology and insights to add value in four major sectors, Aerospace & Defense, Education, Finance, and Manufacturing. We’re unlike the large consulting firms whose digital transformation business model is disjointed into separate advisory and execution firms which may not reflect the reality of the client needs. ThoughtFocus is a smaller company with an integrated approach, which has led to successful outcomes. We’re swift to respond to change and client needs.  Our low-risk, high-reward solutions for large and mid-sized enterprises, are distinguished by the care and commitment credo on which ThoughtFocus was founded.  The organization has grown rapidly since its inception, and is now a mid-sized company, as well as part of the Blackstone portfolio. The founders hold executive positions within the organization and are actively involved with clients and projects.

Meet Our Team

Social Impact

Milk Supply Management

Boosting Indian Dairy Industry milk quality and income through Cloud-Based IoT Solution. Dairy Farmers increase their milk quality and revenue.

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Waste Water to “Green” Water

ThoughtFocus partnered with a top-end sanitary ware and bath works company and CalTech to create eco-friendly toilets as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative. With our IoT platform, we enabled performance measurement across thousands of components.

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Values that drive us

Client First

Your success is ours. We work hand in hand with you to deliver what we’ve promised. Many of our clients are longstanding engagements, and we are proud of our ability to retain their trust. Our clients often express their appreciation of the amount of contact and involvement from our executives.

Quality is our Mantra

Engaging the best people, processes and technology is our continuous, upward trajectory. When necessary, we partner with other leaders in their space to assure outcomes which meet your needs and expectations.

Integrity in All Things

Fairness, honesty and transparency are the ethos of our culture. We conduct business to withstand the strictest scrutiny. Our first and only choice is to do the right thing. Always.

Diversity is a Source for Exchange and Innovation We celebrate the differences we bring to the table. With a workforce sourced from culturally different regions of the world, our perspective is fresh and unique. This makes us particularly suited to understanding and succeeding in today’s highly connected global economies.

Be the Difference in Our Communities

In challenged areas, school takes second place to pressing concerns of survival. Our people help families give their children the opportunity for a better future.

  • The opportunity to use your skills, creativity, and academic knowledge to its fullest, enabling you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • To become a part of a successful organization, charter new territories, and develop along with the company.
  • An unsurpassed working environment.
  • An attractive and competitive compensation and benefits package, commensurate with your creative and technical skills.