Driving student outcomes

With rising student costs and shrinking state budgets, educational institutions are forced to hunt for opportunities within their technology infrastructure. Budget limitations combined with limited availability of qualified staff are making recruitment, retention, and ongoing training a challenge. Falling graduation rates and increased time to graduate are posing a challenge to the education model.

Forward-thinking institutions are adopting new technologies and enhanced processes to address these challenges.

ThoughtFocus helps the education community overcome these challenges with its expertise and experience in providing services and solutions that focus on the trends in education with cutting edge technology.

For 10 plus years ThoughtFocus has been providing business application solutions to the education industry. We have experience with traditional universities, community colleges, and public and private for-profit institutions.

ThoughtFocus understands change takes time. It is a continuous process that needs to be steered every day with new knowledge of the business and technology. Our team works to be your trusted technology partner; helping you embrace technology to bring about change. Our goal is gaining your confidence on which a long-term relationship will be built. We bring new ideas to you that are enabled by technology that helps you be better at your business, by introducing new capabilities or being better cheaper and faster at existing processes. You will find continuous guidance, service, and support from us to tackle new challenges and demands that create value for your institution.

ThoughtFocus possesses strong skills in application development, business advisory, user experience design, business process reengineering, enterprise mobility, and infrastructure. We assist clients with solution development, maintenance, conversions and upgrades to their technology.

As a technology partner to many leading US educational institutions, we have deployed numerous solutions on student success initiatives. We have guided educational institutions in developing and implementing an array of custom solutions tailored to the needs of education institutions, including admissions, transcripts, student records, academic advising, graduation, financial aid and student finance.

The types of solutions we have provided educational institutions include, system integration and technology consulting; managing campus ERP and administrative systems, application development, and management, Business Intelligence solutions to drive operational efficiency and understand student and educator behavior, IT security management focused on educational institutions, identity and access management, IT operations (help-desk and support) and payment solutions.