Supporting the evolution of flight through innovative services

Our team is committed to supplying you world class business transformation services focused on Product Delivery, Business Digital Transformation, and Knowledge Process Operations. Throughout the end-to-end product and service lifecycle, our value-driven offerings deliver to you and your customers’ cost, efficiency, and quality advantages.

Market environment

Rapidly evolving technology advances, fierce supplier competition, and heightened shareholder expectations are contributing to the ongoing challenging times within your industry. Process and procedural compliance must be guaranteed as governmental and corporate regulatory standards complexity grows. There exist intense competitive pressures to look for technology and innovative solutions to keep pace with your and the industry’s ever fluid business environment.

With the global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry expected to return to 3% growth in 2016 the following trends are anticipated:

  • Aerospace companies are experiencing a service rebound demand as a result of a relatively stable growth in the global gross domestic product (GDP), lower crude oil, and an increase in passenger travel. Collectively, these factors are contributing to an expected growth in production rates for next-generation commercial aircraft
  • As aftermarket companies and airlines seek to reduce operating costs by upgrading to more efficient fleets, they are replacing current-generation equipment earlier; thereby creating a number of aircraft transitions, and in some cases, a drop in aircraft retirement and new opportunities for innovative passage into freighter conversions. Integrated asset management services specializing in service kitting, inventory, and supply chain and asset management are changing the landscape
  • Defense firms are facing a tough budgetary and competitive environment. In the short term, the end of 2016 is expected to be fueled by a US defense budget increase, resurgence of global security threats, and growth in defense budgets for key nations

ThoughtFocus is well positioned to support the pressing business requirements necessary to address your most demanding industry challenges and implement pragmatic solutions.

Our Practice

ThoughtFocus’ aerospace and defense industry experience covers all major geographies, business functions, and life-cycle understanding.
Our team works with you and all aerospace domain partners overcoming these challenges with its industry recognized expertise in technical systems deployed in aviation. We have worked with a majority of the world’s largest aerospace companies and defense contractors to adapt and scale solutions to support industry challenges from airframes to Tier 4 suppliers.

Our service life-cycle practice focuses on assets owners: hedge funds to lease companies, airlines, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) clients. With its unique perspective on the aerospace and defense market, ThoughtFocus tailors its solutions within each sub-segment, maximizing your competitive position to deliver end-to-end solutions with greater value impact.

Global support locally focused

Our 24/7 global client presence has fueled ThoughtFocus’ operations in multiple countries.

Service offerings

ThoughtFocus is your dependable partner in dramatically improving efficiency, enhancing customer service, and increasing revenue.

Product delivery

Offerings are aimed at delivering the speed, scalability, and agility necessary to assist you in delivering on-time under budget aerospace solutions throughout the product life-cycle from design, certification, and manufacturing through service – modification and disposal.

Our experienced associates support your development from a structural design to provisioning verification service on embedded modules. Our emphasis is on making each client’s product available to the market on-time and under budget from TSO/ TC to STC‘s.


With our thought leadership and enterprise solutions implementation expertise spanning the entire aerospace enterprise, we assist you in working effectively within your organization, extended enterprises, customers, and trading partners. We are fully capable of managing new technology deployment from strategy development through sustaining operations; thus ensuring your bottom line results.

Our growing company and division support your requirements from product to service life-cycle management by deploying the latest SAP S/4HANA  version or integrating your supply chain from sales operations and portal management to vendor demand management. Our enterprise innovations team supports custom and off-the-shelf solutions by integrating the entire enterprise.

Knowledge Process Operations

When transformation and continuous improvement are no longer enough and a fundamental paradigm shift is required, it is time to evaluate our KPO solution. Cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented workforce, and improved quality are all expectations you should expect of our high-end knowledge-based processes.
Our standard and custom KPO services are uniquely adjusted to ensure your strategy and business objectives are met; today and into the future. ThoughtFocus has the knowledge and infrastructure and processes to effectively transition processes using our RAPID transition methodology deployment model.