Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud has rapidly emerged as a viable deployment infrastructure for mid-sized and large global corporations who are aiming to reduce costs, improve application stability and improve network and data security.

These platforms provide services at a scale few large corporations can match, even considering material investments in application and data architectures and ongoing investment in data centers. They also offer burst and on-demand capabilities not available within the dedicated infrastructure. Public cloud offers an opportunity for companies to improve the reliability, effectiveness, and scalability of their infrastructure while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

One of the key opportunities offered by the public cloud, leveraging base hosting capabilities and rearchitecting current and future applications to optimize the technical and functional application services major cloud providers are investing in.

You can realize material reductions in software license costs and efficiencies in development and deployment efforts by leveraging the most sophisticated aspects of the cloud stack.

To differentiate their platforms major cloud providers are investing billions of dollars in research and development, investment levels even the largest companies cannot match. This has created an opportunity for your CTO to cost-effectively take advantage of your infrastructure.

ThoughtFocus works can define your public cloud strategy and determine where and how this technology fits into your business plans. We help with business case definition, roadmap creation, and application migration while working with you to align your corporate technical architecture.  The result is the realization all the benefits offered by the public cloud.

We will also work with you to figure out how you can use the public cloud to exit the infrastructure management business and fundamentally change how you build software.