Improving your efficiency

Globalization and the proliferation of the Internet, coupled with the emergence of knowledge-based societies all over the world, has created business outsourcing opportunities previously only available to large multi-national corporations.  ThoughtFocus’ KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services help you leverage a highly talented global workforce while taking advantage of extended access to teams across time zones to manage operational costs.

ThoughtFocus tackles complex processes requiring industry specialization. Our teams are able to manage and run complex business processes that cannot be scripted and where industry knowledge is required to be effective. We are able to operate back and front office services, including voice-based processes, from our centers in India and the Philippines. The KPO leadership team brings deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in moving complex processes to offshore and nearshore locations.

ThoughtFocus brings world-class technical capabilities to your KPO engagements, building the infrastructure on which the processes operate thereby providing true managed services. We provide service capabilities in numerous industries including credit, insurance, mortgage origination, banking, finance, logistics, and compliance.


ThoughtFocus works with you in a range of core process areas where we have deep industry expertise.


ThoughtFocus works with mid-market insurance companies to optimize costs and improve quality across new policy quote illustrations, application data entry, policy underwriting support, policy administration, claims filing and management and to deploy contact centers to service their customers.

Financial accounting

Back office accounting functions are critical to an organization’s financial operations.  In many cases, these can be effectively handled by teams who are not located in the head office. ThoughtFocus works with clients to support processes including financial analysis and reporting, accounts payable and receivable management, billing and invoicing, cost allocation, collections, tax services, and risk governance.

Title services

ThoughtFocus’ team supports the title related processes required during mortgage origination. These include title searches, tax searches, title policy typing, abstract searches, appraiser report reviews and supporting data entry.

Mortgage services

Mortgage origination and servicing is a highly regulated, paper and process intensive space in today’s world. ThoughtFocus partners with you to cost effectively support loan applications, underwriting and origination, pre and post close audits, deposit confirmation, escrow management and ongoing administration.

Background verification services

ThoughtFocus works with clients to support their background verification needs, both in the US and globally. Processes that are supported include verification of employment and education, income tax verification (4506T) and social security verification.