Big Data and Data Analytics - fueling tomorrow's economy

The data a company creates, manages, and stores, is its most critical asset. Yet too few organizations take a comprehensive approach to this key information. ThoughtFocus will work with you developing an end-to-end strategy to leverage data into information that supports your business goals.

Core to any data analytics and big-data approach is a concrete understanding of the business domain data underpinning a specific industry. ThoughtFocus’ industry experts bring the knowledge necessary to work in defining a robust, future-proof domain model, one scalable to your business. This model forms the basis for the implementation of a data analytics infrastructure.

One of the key challenges in any data analytics implementation is figuring out what metrics are important to the business. ThoughtFocus leverages a proprietary approach in defining business metrics. One supported by its RAMP workshop methodology, to help organizations quickly identify the metrics and analytics that are required to establish controls, improve operational productivity and increase revenue. This metrics framework then becomes the basis for a next generation Big Data and analytics implementation.

Managing the data challenge

The Big Data technology landscape is immense and getting more so every day. ThoughtFocus’ architects work with your technology teams, sorting through the complex technical landscape for data analytics, standardizing on a set of tools aligning with your business strategy. From tried and true database platforms to the latest startups in predictive analytics, we can help you navigate the complexity and define a data analytics platform that will support your business goals.

Managing a Big Data architecture is complex, demanding skill sets difficult to find in today’s competitive environment. ThoughtFocus works with you setting up master data management processes, data analytics platform management and technical support in nearshore and offshore locations. By leveraging our managed services, you will cost effectively maintain and extend your Big Data implementations while ensuring continual support for changing business requirements.