Engineering high-quality applications customized to your business

A key challenge for your business is navigating a constantly evolving marketplace. Decisions are no longer buy vs. build. Today, your CIO and CTO need to be experts in bespoke development, package selection and integration, open source software, large scale data environments, and cloud-based solutions.  All the while ensuring effective and comprehensive security and disaster recovery frameworks.

Our Application Engineering team can construct viable and long lasting business solutions using state of the art technology; ones that can be deployed anywhere, anytime. We manage delivery to balance operational risks with operational and implementation costs. ThoughtFocus translates product-engineering techniques to the enterprise and designs and implements enterprise applications that behave like configurable vendor solutions, allowing for ongoing functional extensions while minimizing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Leveraging experienced technical architects, program and project managers, and software engineers, ThoughtFocus deploys a dedicated project team who understands your technology stack, business domain and can manage the intersection between business needs and what is technically feasible.

Technical architectural strategy

One of the biggest challenges is laying down a framework for your enterprise architecture. ThoughtFocus’ Technical Architecture team helps you define guiding principles, select frameworks, and libraries, and determine abstraction strategies to keep your company future proof.

Bespoke implementation

Often the best approach to meeting a business objective is to design and implement an application that exactly meets the needs of the business. ThoughtFocus partners with its clients to execute functional design and technical implementation via a range of technologies (Java, .Net, HTML5, JavaScript, etc.) via commercial and open source platforms and both waterfall and Agile based methodologies.

Mobile application development

With the continual emergence of mobile platforms, supporting end customers and employees via mobile and tablet-based solutions has become a de facto standard. ThoughtFocus helps define and execute Apple iOS, Android, and HTML5 based solutions to drive material productive gains within the enterprise.

Advanced HTML5 implementation

The emergence of HTML5 and JavaScript as interface platforms of choice has given enterprises the opportunity to deploy rich interactive user experiences in a consistent way. ThoughtFocus’ front-end software engineers have the technical and business experience to guide you through a complex landscape of libraries and frameworks while ensuring the implementation of high-performance user interfaces.

Functional porting to a new technology stacks

Sometimes the application is perfect from a functional perspective. But it is just on old, difficult to support technology.  ThoughtFocus can partner with you to guide you on how to cost effectively replicate your existing capability on top of a modern, supportable technical platform.

Package selection and certification

The cost of building and supporting bespoke technology often makes the business case for commercial software obvious, especially when there is a minimal competitive advantage. ThoughtFocus works with your business and technology stakeholders to identify key functional requirements, facilitate vendor selection processes and perform proof-of-concept exercises to ensure a chosen solution meets your near and long-term objectives.

Legacy migration

Even with two decades of alternative solutions and technologies, mainframes still remain a core part of many companies IT infrastructures. ThoughtFocus can work with you in accelerating your legacy infrastructure and data migration off to more cost effective and flexible data center, IaaS, and SaaS platforms.