EMV and fraud Whack-a-Mole

Payments innovators seem doomed to fight the same battle over and over.  Even when they win the battle, they find themselves facing the same enemy, just in another place.  Fraud is perhaps most potent example today.

Take credit card fraud.  It was common knowledge that Europay / Mastercard / Visa (EMV) would be a powerful weapon against fraud, but just one kind of fraud – cloned card fraud.  And there was the history of what happened in other countries when EMV was implemented:  other kinds of fraud spiked.  Fraudsters didn’t decide to become respectable shopkeepers just be...

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Determining when a candidate is a cultural fit during a phone interview

Cultural fit refers to the beliefs, values, and behaviors held by a candidate aligning with those of a company. For example, those who work well with others and value collaboration will be a good cultural fit for a company emphasizing teamwork over autonomy. Assessing cultural fit during an interview ensures that candidates who are hired will fit into and flourish in the existing workplace culture. This directly improves individual performance and employee retention rates while reducing workplace conflict.

Below are eight interview questions in assessing candidates for a good cultura...

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Global sourcing: the beauty of choice

Every day we hear a lot about “the paradox of choice” – too many choices can be paralyzing.  Too many choices of orange juice on the grocery shelf makes consumers just walk away, or grab any one of them, essentially making no choice at all.

But for leaders plotting their talent strategies, variety is a bountiful playing field.  In the early days of global sourcing, they had one choice – keep it internal, or offshore it.  Frozen orange concentrate or none at all.

Today, companies have a full range of options, all of them with variations and nuances serving d...

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The art of interviewing

Interviewing new candidates is more than just evaluating their skill sets and responding with a yeah or nay.  It is putting you in the hiring manager’s shoes when you are not the hiring manager, or better yet, putting yourself in the CEO’s shoes and saying “Is this an investment that will further the company’s goals, objectives, and initiatives – now and in the future?”

This cannot be answered unless the company, talent acquisition, human resources, and hiring manager conduct a thorough, step-by-step interview program.  There are several best practices small to global c...

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The connected enterprise: are you doing it right?

Recently Reddit users had a good laugh over a post titled “Mom, you are doing it wrong.”  Somebody’s mom was making hard copies of recipes off her iPad by placing the iPad’s screen directly onto the photocopier.

I laughed, too, but a little ruefully.  After all, I spend a lot of time helping manufacturers deploy new technology in pursuit of powerful benefits. No matter how exciting those benefits, when people face disruptive change, they tend to bend the new back to the familiar. Mom wants hard copies of her recipes, iPad or no iPad. Users want to keep their old familiar pr...

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